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Work Environment: How to Make It Productive

This week I was beginning my reading on Ed Catmull’s Creativity book. Good, but what does this have to do with the title of the article? Simple, soon on the first page I came across how things are done at Pixar. For those who do not know, the headquarters in San Francisco is named after his Steve Jobs building, and the place was all thought not of luxury or extravagance, but of its functionality, and …


HR Interview Question: What motivates you?

I’ve done lots of interviews in my professional life. Before the question HR interview: What motivates you? I almost always answered that I wanted to be the best, I answered that I wanted to add by technical knowledge, that I wanted to help my family, etc. But to be honest, I think there was a lack of sparkle in my eyes, the lack of that heart beat, the sweat on my hands. Until this year …