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Relying on Cloud Security and Redundancy

Relying on Cloud Security and Redundancy: A specific cloud client has created a paradigm of maximum trust in the redundancy and resiliency of your network: Netflix. In 2011, Netflix unveiled, through its technology blog (, the Simian Army: a set of test and monitoring applications that the company uses to constantly evaluate its ability to …

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Going to DevOps

I have had many positive returns from the articles quoted below: Changing Behavior for DevOps Culture So I decided to write another article about the challenges of introducing DevOps in the configuration of a traditional company. It’s certainly something that I myself as a consultant / specialist struggled for quite some time, both to understand …

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Changing Behavior for DevOps Culture

At a time when the term DevOps is increasing each day and increasingly attracting the attention of companies and major players in the industry, due to the reduction in time to market, better product quality and higher revenue, we see below some principles of how to present a DevOps culture and not focus solely on …

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Wrong ideas about cloud security

Contrary to what many people think, there is not a single cloud. There are a variety of cloud-based providers that have dedicated server space around the world. It should be evaluated how to find the best fit for your company. Despite all the buzz in the last decade, the cloud remains a mystery to many …